Re-starting the ZF factory fake Tudor small steel shield series steel replica watch

This time to share with you this ZF God small steel shield is also 2018 Basel new 79730 replica watch , I hope that all of you will be interested in this ZF factory fake Tudor start series! In 2016, fake Tudor launched a number of classic Qiwan Biwan replica watches to pay tribute to the series launched in 2012 and achieved brilliant achievements. This rudder has a blue outer ring version of the Biwan, especially the fascinating dark blue on the dial and bezel, which is deeply immersed in it. Including the previous fake Tudor small orchid, its dark blue dial is also very attractive.

From the front, it can be seen that this ZF factory fake Tudor Starter series watch is really very good. It can be said that the whole is very careful, angular and polished, and it is very good. ZF Factory replica Tudor Starter Series Small Blue Flower replica watch The outer circle is blue. In the case of backlighting, it is very deep and low-key blue. It is difficult to see the difference. The outer ring has a good rolex replica reflective feeling. The whole weight is moderate, shaking, and the sound seems to Very small; the night pearl feels great, no burrs; the pointer is polished and done very well.

All the scales are not magnified and not photographed in such a contrasting situation, the hall can be said to be absolutely chaotic, the entire scale and the proportion of the prints are almost perfect, compared with the original, the stereo is not strong enough, slightly more than the genuine look Flattened a little.

The work of the replica watch and the inlay of the replica watch are close to the original and the water ghost is also a big correction. I have seen the friends of the water ghost know that the night pearl is fixed by a thin piece of iron, and the night pearl is a spherical convex, some shaved . The night pearl of this replica watch is flat, the metal ring is thicker, and it has a moist feeling and looks very delicate.

The crown is a screw-in design of the diving replica watches, and the casing below is blue, which complements the chronograph. The small blue flower carving on the crown of the small blue-flower watch including the ZF factory's Tudor Starter series can be said to be close to authentic. We can feel the delicateness of this flower and the superb carving process from the shape and shape of the flower. After all, painting on small parts requires good craftsmanship.

The side of the case is polished and the mirror effect is very beautiful. The case is 1:1 original mold 316L stainless steel material, the drawing process is quite good, you can see the texture of the replica watch from the drawing line

The details of the lugs are very well-positioned. The edges of the lugs are made of small gears. The inner side of the lugs has a delicate brushed texture. The size of the digital engravings is not much different from the original ones. Look at the straps on the left side of the numbers. The grinding of the corners is also delicate and smooth.

The design of the front part of the buckle is like a shield. The shape is unique compared with the previous ones. The surface drawing process is particularly good, the surface touch is smooth, and the edge chamfering treatment is smooth.

The inside shape of the buckle is beautiful, the flip lock steel folding buckle, the surface is polished, the gloss can be felt from the figure, and the engraving depth of the letter in the middle is very obvious, like the original.

Finally, the last ZF factory Tudor small steel shield luminous picture, the night light of the replica watch is distributed on the night pearl at 12 o'clock in the circle, and the time mark on the dial and the hour and minute in the pointer. After all, there are few people in the evening fake rolex. In the case of black time, from the brightness of the luminous light, both the color and the brightness are close to the genuine effect.

Summary: Despite the circumstance of time, the touch of the replica watch is still a long time, and the infinite charm and attraction are addictive. This replica watch is also one of the classic timepieces with excellent performance in 2018. The outstanding value and high cost performance make this ZF factory Tudor 79730 replica watch popular with many fake watch friends.