XF factory replica Panerai LUMINOR1950 series PAM00684 fake watches

The brand of Panerai watches is tough and full of muscles. With their high recognition, they can easily stand out among the crowd, and this combination of strength and retro style is combined with Italian style. The unique aura created has become the most distinctive icon of the brand. However, Panerai has a problem that is not a problem, that is, its size, the size of 45mm or 47mm will definitely make many replica watches fans who love this brand but lack confidence in their wrists. The feeling... but in fact they are far less horrible than imagined, regardless of the thickness of the wrist, can show their own charm.

Despite this, the appearance of the small-sized Panerai will continue to be popular. At the recent Geneva exhibition in Geneva, the new Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Submersible Oro Rosso 42mm 3-day automatic replica watch PAM684 was launched and invited. The popular star Huo Jianhua endorsed. It shows the love of the Panerai brand in the Asian market and the Panerai official is paying more and more attention to the Asian fans.

The official PAM684 is made of 18K rose gold. The XF factory uses steel PVD (electroplating). Many friends who have bought PVD watches or want to buy may be worried that they may fade after a long time. This is a pain point. So here is a special emphasis on the XF factory when it is time to do PAM684, taking into account this problem. Therefore, the production process is improved, the plating time is prolonged replica horloges, and the plating layer is made thicker and firmer. Normal wear, no problem for more than one year. After a long time, the shell may oxidize and discolor, but it is not discolored. Go home and look for the jellyfish powder that the grandmothers are holding, or buy a box on Taobao, wipe it and make it look new.

We buy the bottom fake watch, the most fearful thing is to walk the light. But if I buy the XF factory PAM684, I feel it is appropriate to go beyond the previous version. Here we will talk about the P9010 movement deck of the XF factory. In the past, the P.9010 version of the market was far from the color of the gemstone and the font size on the movement. Basically, you can distinguish between true and false. But the PAM684 of the XF factory replica rolex, I feel that it can stand the test of three eyes. I took a few angles and gave you a real and false comparison.