ZF factory replica Tudor small steel shield 2018 Basel new 79730 replica watch

Classical things have always been enthusiastically embraced by people. The same is true of the classic replica watches that impress people, no matter when, not unconventional, constantly affecting the new masterpieces of generation after generation. 2017. It coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Swiss high-end watch brand replica Tudor diving watch. The brand added this replica Tudor Qibi Biwan steel replica watches to the 60th birthday of the Tudor diving watch at the annual Basel Watch and Jewellery Fair. Inheriting the exquisite traditional craftsmanship, adding a new color to the Qiwan Biwan series with the shape of steel. (Watch model: 79730)

[Case] ​​The fake watch has a diameter of 41mm. The edges are sharp and masculine. From the use of CNC CNC machine tools to cut the casting embryo to the forming, and finally add the mirror polishing and sanding and drawing process to finish the original, each ZF finished case requires more than a dozen processes and a variety of grinding equipment tools and accessories. Can complete

[Dial] Black with a slight matte feel in the original, LOGO and English using superimposed printing technology, it is simple but the yield is very low, superimposed printing is overlapped and printed many times on the original basis. During the period orologi replica, you can't print or blur, so that the logo letters are slightly raised, exquisite and extraordinary.

[Mirror] ZF uses the same sapphire material as the original, with inner and outer double-layer anti-stun super-transparent coating. Under certain angles, you will find that the glass is gone

[Steel belt] The new design, the links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivets kopior klockor, and the structure is stepped, which greatly increases the difficulty. ZF keeps up with the original footsteps, perfect reproduction (can be used with the original)

Summary: Carrying the brilliance of the classic replica watches of the past, the new emperor rudder Qicheng Biwan stainless steel watch with the brand to the future unlimited prospects. On the white tablecloth, it combines the masculine atmosphere of the man with the delicate tenderness, which is very beautiful.